ASTIHMI interface


HMI New Interface

In this project we have worked on the interface design of the HMIs that incorporate the new generation of AGVs produced by ASTI. The design has been focused on the user, facilitating the handling, control, activity registration and many other parameters; as a result, a modern interface, easy to understand and use.

From the beginning we knew that with BigD we were going to achieve our goal of putting the customer at the center and achieving a great user experience in our interface. Without a doubt, we succeeded

Ricardo Martínez, Product development at ASTI


Design Research and Sketching

In order to detect user needs, we visited ASTI’s facilities. The result was the contextualisation and, detection of opportunities, which will improve the user experience. Three user profiles were defined, which were analysed and shared through different customer journeys. All this allowed to elaborate the interface architecture working on the user experience (UX) and the visual design (UI).


The Result

By studying the main priorities and the information architecture, we made the most relevant information and relegated the rest to less relevant levels accessible from collapsible menus. Also, in the dynamic aspect of the interaction, we analysed the navigation flows with the new design to detect possible errors of understanding the user.