ATF machine

TC Matic, Europe’s leading automatic gearbox maintenance company, decided to create its own ATF oil change machine.

From bigD we worked with the customer and users to design a machine with all the usability improvements that the competition did not contemplate. The result, a machine without precedent in the market.

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“bigD has been an unbeatable travelling companion, contributing their knowledge and know-how as if they were part of the company”

M. Sola, CEO at TcMatic


An obsolete design

Practically all of the ATF machines have been designed with the main function and cost in mind, forgetting to take into account the needs of the users, ergonomics, usability, design…

TCMatic were aware that if they were to produce their own machine, it had to be a leap in quality in all the above aspects.

In the image, there is a model, previously distributed by TCMatic.


The new ACE 23.01

The result of a user-centred design process is the new Ace 23.01. A machine designed by and for the user. With a large work surface at the top where filters and other elements can be placed. Long hoses to work comfortably. A 10,1″ screen for intuitive interaction…

All this while remaining a robust machine, designed for its context.