IngeteamEV charger


Rapid – 60

Ingeteam commissioned bigD with the Industrial Design of its Rapid 60 charger. Up to now they had the Rapid 50 charger, but its aesthetics were a barrier to its sales and market positioning. For this reason, they wanted to update the model to meet the new demands; extending its functionalities by integrating the latest technology, and adapting its aesthetics to the new trends. In fact, a new image was sought that would allow a “range” to be configured.

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«Working with bigD means guaranteed success. His constant work was reflected in the result.»

Belen Alfaro, Marketing Manager at Ingeteam



The previous product, Rapid50, was facing difficulties in the market due to its large volume and lack of attractiveness. Ingeteam required a solution to improve sales and brand positioning. Reducing the dimensions was a challenge due to the fact that it had to be integrated into urban spaces, so the visual impact would be greater. These obstacles prompted the search for effective and creative solutions.

From bigD, both the product conceptualisation and the engineering of the enclosures to the production of the first functional prototype units were tackled.



This is a DC charger intended for recharging on public roads or at petrol stations. Its context of use on public roads required the concept to have a timeless aesthetic that would allow it to blend in with its surroundings without standing out. At the same time, the reduction of its dimensions and the possibility of creating different configurations with the same enclosure were two of the most critical aspects of the project. The image of the range was achieved by unifying some of the features of the product with the Fusion model, its “little brother”, which is installed in the same urban environment.