Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Asti Mobile Robotics (now ABB) turned to bigD for the design of their new AMRs and redesign of some existing models. Starting from an analysis of their market, to conceptualising the aesthetic design that has permeated the entire range, and finally the engineering/manufacturing of various parts of the enclosures.

We also worked with them on the design of the commercial presentations, product renderings etc.

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“With bigD we have taken a step forward in design that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Julián Campo, Eng. Manager at ABB Robotics



The AMR P204, previously known as Ebot, is an omni-directional platform AGV, for transporting loads on top. With its low height and lift table, it fits under most load carriers and transports them to their destination. It can also be equipped with a roller system to pick up or deliver on traditional conveyors. Ebot multiplies efficiency (maximum agility, flexibility and safety).