Electric Vehicle Charger

Ingeteam commissioned bigD with the Industrial Design of its most powerful charger, the Rapid St 400KW, which would later also give rise to a 180Kw version.

bigD tackled both the conceptualisation of the product and the engineering of the enclosures up to the manufacture of the first functional units. Subsequently, the industrial design of several versions of the holders was carried out.

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“We chose bigD mainly because of the clarity shown in their work process, their enthusiasm in tackling the project and the attention to detail they showed with their own brand.”

Javier Arizcuren, R&D Engineer at Ingeteam


The Design

The design and engineering were focused on making a rational design, which would meet all the functional requirements (IP, IK, weather resistance…) but at the same time give a premium look, taking care of every detail.

Given the power of the equipment, the electronics were voluminous and therefore, we tried to design enclosures that would fit as closely as possible to the internal geometry. Hence the straight-sided shape, with no rounded edges.


The User

We tried to focus on the user when designing. Both in ergonomic, functional and emotional aspects. For this reason, the height of the screens, the location and inclination of the holdes and other decisions were taken into account on the basis of ergonomics.

Likewise, the top luminaire was implemented to provide ambient light and comfort to the user.