SUNSUNDEGUIBus Driver Interface


Bus Driver Interface

In this project, we collaborated with the Navarre-based bus company Sunsundegui to enhance the driving experience by designing an HMI interface that serves as the vehicle’s dashboard. The challenge was to provide a touchscreen interface that could be controlled via joystick to enhance safety during driving.

bigD has contributed their experience and knowledge to work alongside the Sunsundegui team in creating a high-value control panel, greatly enhancing the user experience.”

Jon Sueza, Industrial Design Engineer


Less is More

With our leading expertise in interface design, we have enhanced the user experience (UX) by carefully reducing and measuring the number of on-screen elements. This results in an intuitive, dynamic design full of variables that adapt to user needs, ultimately enhancing safety during driving.


Dual Interaction

The elements of our interface have been developed considering both modes of interaction. On the touch aspect, we have implemented large buttons, eliminating the need for precision when pressing them and thus reducing distractions during driving. On the other hand, the main screens are configured with dials, ensuring that interaction with the joystick is as natural as a simple gesture.