ZEOSequencer Module


Sequencer Module

ZEO technology approached bigD in search of a user experience design for its new sequencer module, intended to systematize order planning in the factory.

bigD has recently helped us to improve the UX of two of our functional modules, in our quest to continuously improve the UX of our customers.
Javier López, Exec. Director de ZEO Technology


The project consisted of designing the user experience (UX) and improving the user interface (UI) of the sequencer module. We relied on using an innovative interface design that combines a Gantt chart and a table to effectively manage manufacturing orders in the industry.

Together with other projects designed for ZEO Technology, we can augment their Design System.


Responsive design was a critical part of the project. Different scenarios were considered according to customer demand, offering a modular and flexible design capable of adapting to any screen size without compromising the user experience.