Deadline control

Controlling the processes and therefore knowing the timeframes required to make a transition from CAD design to manufactured part.

Controlled costs

No surprises due to poorly developed designs which result in cost overruns at the time of industrialisation, nor rushed processes when prototypes or first series are manufactured.

Guarantee and Quality

From concept to manufacture, designing and engineering the solution with an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing technology depending on the number of units/year and batches.

“Only one company can be the cheapest, the rest need Design.”

At bigD we have specialist software for Industrial Design (Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge), as well as digital rendering (Keyshot). Likewise, in Digital Design, we work with specialized platforms such as Figma.

Always working with actual samples of colours, materials and finishes (CMF – Colours, Materials, Finish) and with a wide range of technical suppliers to integrate the best commercial/technical solutions in our designs.

We have the most advanced in-house machinery for additive, subtractive, injection manufacturing… Powered by Wehl & Partner. Continuous feedback between design and manufacturing in the same space is a guarantee of a successful solution.