BELLOTAPruning shears


Electric pruning shears

The Bellota brand is a leader in the professional tools market for agriculture and construction. Their previous cordless electric pruners, EPR132P and EPR137P, were manufactured by a third party for them. With the aim of continuing to improve their products, we worked together to launch a new generation of electric pruning shears on the market at the highest level of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

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“Despite tight deadlines, BigD’s tracking and traction have ensured that the project has been delivered on time and with quality.

Asier Garate, Product Design & Development Manager at Bellota


Exclusive design for demanding professionals

Designed in collaboration with pruning experts, this product prioritizes efficiency and durability in professional use. Details such as balance, versatility, and dirt prevention were considered, guiding the design based on the experience of the previous model. The beveled shape, inspired by icebreaker ships, not only optimizes navigation among branches but also adds robustness, ensuring exceptional performance in pruning vineyards, fruit orchards, and olive groves.


Efficiency in every cut.

Designed for easy assembly with all screws on the same side of the product and sharing the same reference. A simple snap-fit solution ensures users don’t waste time during battery replacement, with an easily accessible button that can be pressed even with work gloves.

Equipped with premium features such as an OLED screen displaying relevant information, a long-lasting lithium battery, and a powerful 800W brushless motor. Boasting top-notch specifications to significantly enhance productivity and promote proper branch healing.