BigD has its Quality Policy, based on the requirements of Standard 9001:2015 and 14006:2020, therefore, it is available to all its interested parties. If required, request it by sending an email to info@bigd.es.


The objective that BigD pursues with the implementation of the International Standards ISO 9011:2015 and ISO 14006:2020, is to achieve optimal results, both in processes and in business activity with a focus on product quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition, it is to establish the necessary systems and processes to improve their environmental performance, including the reduction of environmental pollution, the efficient use of resources, the appropriate waste management, the fight against climate change and the preservation of ecosystems. and biodiversity.

The implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the BigD Integrated Management System (GIS) provides information to senior management to generate long-term success and create options to contribute to sustainable development through:

BigD bases its Integrated Management System on the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14006:2020, based on which it develops and implements a quality and environmental policy and establishes objectives and action plans that take into account the legal requirements and information related to the development of sustainable designs.


Define how the Quality Management and Ecodesign processes are implemented within BigD, demonstrating the conformity of the Management System, with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14006 Standards and with the continuous improvement required by the standards.


BigD Design that Matters (hereinafter BIGD) is the trade name of a design studio created in Pamplona in 2013 by Adrián Larripa, a design engineer who works in both the areas of product design and graphic design and thanks to Its commercial and coordination capacity has a stable staff of workers on the payroll complemented by collaborations with other entities and design professionals.

BigD has stood out mainly for its ability to develop products and solutions tailored to its clients, collaborating with them in the development of the product from a complete market analysis to understand their needs using the Design Thinking methodology throughout the process.

The experience acquired by Larripa from the successful first projects in products that have been commercially successful in the market, has allowed the company to have resources for the development of solutions that can be brought to the market in the future.

Likewise, this experience has allowed the study to open up to the possibility of participating in contests and tenders that require the opening of the company’s capacities, with the constant incorporation of new technological knowledge.

Adrián Larripa’s studio began its activity under the name of LARRIPA STUDIOS, but thanks to its evaluation and growth, it has demanded a name change at the end of 2016, the new trade name being the aforementioned BigD Design that matters.

BigD carries out its activity at its facilities located at:

To carry out its activity, the organization has sufficiently trained personnel, either thanks to their training or the experience acquired, and is equipped with the necessary equipment.

To achieve optimal results, both in processes and in business activity, the organization has considered implementing and maintaining a Quality and Environmental Management System, based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14006 standards in their current version, which we will maintain and make constantly evolve and constantly improve.