Snovit is the new commercial brand of JOPE. A brand with more than 35 years of experience in the distribution of automotive accessories; supporting both distributors and end customers; providing a fast, efficient and high quality service. Some of the products it supplies are self-developed. Thanks to their extensive experience in this sector, they saw the opportunity to develop their own design of semi-automatic snow chains.

Metal chains are one of the best solutions for dealing with snow; however, their audience is reduced due to the complexity of their installation. The correct positioning and adjustment of the chain to the vehicle’s wheel is a priority both for its effectiveness and to avoid scratches or blows to the vehicle’s rim and bodywork.

For this reason, this project has worked on the design of a new chain that seeks to offer a simpler, more intuitive and attractive use for any consumer. These chains reduce the number of steps to follow for their installation.

They also have an adjustment system made entirely with “non-metallic” parts and tensioners, so it is impossible to damage the vehicle’s finish. And the tensioning of the chain, so that it is adjusted to the wheel model, is semi-automatic; that is to say, it is tensioned by itself during the first few minutes of the vehicle’s circulation.