CegasaHV batteries storage system


E/Scal HV

The well-known energy company CEGASA commissions bigD for the industrial design, both conceptual and detailed, of the aesthetic exterior for their new range of energy storage solutions, named HV100 (High-Voltage).

In the work brief, the need to seek a distinctive appearance compared to other “low-cost” solutions on the market, which are very similar to each other and of low perceived quality, is highlighted. The result is a modular product that combines metallic and plastic finishes with its own recognizable aesthetic.

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«BigD understood the needs of the product from the beginning and has demonstrated the expertise, efficiency and flexibility necessary for its execution.»

Amaya Benito, Marketing Manager at CEGASA


The challenge: a recognizable design

Although the new storage system is primarily an industrial solution, in the consumer market, the new battery models share a very similar aesthetic. These solutions are of lower quality and more economical than what CEGASA offers. Therefore, the challenge was to achieve a recognizable design that establishes the foundation for our client’s future Visual Brand Language.


The new E/Scal System

The design itself emphasizes the concept of modularity with the chamfer running along the entire bottom of each module. With a high-quality and robust construction in finely textured painted steel, the module is finished with two covers injected with UL94 V0 material, allowing for the concealment of wiring. The interplay of materials and finishes in the product is the result of detailed design work.

The EScal HV range encompasses a functional and elegant design, highlighting the brand’s commitment to a nearer future of clean and sustainable energy.