COMANSACrane cabin


CUBE, crane cabin

Comansa is one of the world’s leading companies in the tower crane manufacturing sector. The cab had become too small to include new functionalities and they contacted bigD to tackle the project.

bigD provided a holistic service, starting with in-context working sessions with the users to identify needs through to the manufacture of the first working prototype.

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“bigD has surprised us in the development in all phases of the project, from the conceptual phase to the final presentation. Creative, professional, young and with a lot of enthusiasm.”

Javier Fernández, Electrical Engineer at Comansa


The previous cab

The inclusion of new electronic equipment was impossible due to space constraints in the previous cab model.
The new design proposed a change in cab architecture, using a structure that is much easier to modify for the different L and XL cab sizes.

 Pictured is the old cab model


More comfort, more performance

One of the keys to the success of the project was the collaborative approach
involving the different departments of the company (sales, suppliers, engineering…) but above all with the users.

Care was taken with the layout of all the components so that they were accessible from the crane operator’s workstation while respecting the ergonomics of the operator, simplifying tasks and thus ensuring comfort.

In the new cab, simple tasks are simple and complex aswell.