Defibrillator Training Kit

ABC que salvavidas Industrial

ABC que salva vidas is a non-profit association located in Navarra. Its team is made up of workers in the health sector who seek to raise awareness and educate the population. They carry out training activities to teach the population techniques that help them to be prepared for a cardiac arrest situation, techniques such as: basic life support; cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and semi-automatic defibrillation. As a result of the demand for this knowledge, the AED Training Box project was born.

Currently there are no economic or accessible means or tools, so we thought about how to do more with less. We came up with the initiative to create two training tools: an APP and a recyclable and inexpensive fake defibrillator made of cardboard. All of this is linked to a training course for users over 12 years old in public spaces.