Vol 7 – Smart Devices

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- 23 October, 2023
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Vol 7 – Smart Devices

By bigD

Smart Devices is a captivating book that immerses us in the exciting world of smart devices and their influence on the transformation of modern society. Exploring key topics such as smart cities, navigation and networking, and technology in power machinery, this book sheds light on how smart devices are shaping our future.

This book transports us to smart cities

First, where technology and connectivity merge to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. It looks at examples that highlight how sensors and smart devices are managing traffic, street lighting. In addition, it explores how these cities are developing advanced communication systems that optimise the interaction between citizens and urban infrastructure.

On the other hand, navigation and networking is an essential topic in this book, as it explores how smart devices connect and communicate with each other. It shows how network technology, from 5G to the Internet of Things, is enabling the interconnection of devices in all aspects of our daily lives. Consequently, this connectivity is fundamental to networking in the industrial and consumer domains, enabling instant and efficient communication between machines and devices.

Finally, the book delves into technology in food machinery. It highlights the advances that are revolutionising the food industry, from production automation to food traceability and safety.

This book is a must-have for those interested in understanding how smart device technology is transforming our society and our way of life. This book not only provides technical knowledge, but also inspires readers to make the most of the smart device revolution in an increasingly connected world. Get ready for a journey of technological discovery with Smart Devices.

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Vol 7 – Smart Devices

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