Vol 4 – Digital Design

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- 20 October, 2023
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Vol 4 – Digital Design

By bigD

Digital Design, immerses you in the exciting world of design

With Digital Design you will explore crucial topics that drive the cutting edge of technology and human-machine interaction in three chapters:

Data Visualisation

In this book, you will discover how digital design becomes a powerful medium for representing and communicating complex data visually. From interactive graphics to advanced visualisation techniques, you will learn how to translate information into engaging and understandable visual experiences.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) Integration

This book takes a comprehensive approach to the human-machine interface, highlighting its importance in design. It explores how to create intuitive interfaces that allow users to efficiently interact with complex systems, from mobile apps to IoT devices. You will learn how to design HMIs that adapt to users’ needs and expectations, optimising the user experience.

HMI Design and Innovation

Innovation is the key to interface design. “Digital Design will take you through inspiring examples and case studies of visionary designers who are reinventing the way we interact with technology. From augmented reality to artificial intelligence, this book will show you how design is leading innovation in HMI.

This book not only gives you practical knowledge and advanced techniques in digital design, but also inspires you to be a creator of meaningful experiences. With real-world examples and best practices, it will help you take your design skills to a new level and contribute to the creation of technology solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Digital Design: Innovation in Data Visualisation and HMI is essential for designers, developers, technology professionals and anyone passionate about the intersection of design, technology and innovation. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore at its best – immerse yourself in a journey of creativity and innovation with this must-have book!

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Vol 4 – Digital Design

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