Vol 5 – Logistic

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- 20 October, 2023
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Vol 5 – Logistic

By bigD

“Logistic” will guide you through the intricacies of modern logistics, revealing how efficiency, automation and design intertwine to optimize production.

Through three chapters

Picking and Ergonomics

In this book, you will explore in detail the picking process in the supply chain, and how ergonomics becomes a key element in maximizing productivity and safety. It will discuss how to design warehouses and picking processes that minimise worker fatigue and reduce errors.

Automation in the Production Chain

Automation is transforming logistics. “Logistic” will take you through innovative examples of how robots, warehouse management systems (WMS) and IoT technology are optimising the flow of goods and streamlining logistics processes. You will discover how automation not only saves time and costs, but also improves accuracy and reduces environmental impact.

Effective design

Effective design is fundamental to efficient logistics. You will learn how to optimize space, minimize transit times and maximize customer satisfaction.

“Logistic not only offers practical insights, but also inspires logistics professionals to embrace innovation and tackle logistics challenges with creative solutions.This book will inspire you to lead change in your organization and contribute to a more efficient supply chain.

This book is essential reading for logisticians and those interested in logistics design and automation. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore how efficiency, automation and design combine to revolutionise logistics – get ready to transform your approach with Logistic!

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Vol 5 – Logistic

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