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We assist companies in designing and building their electric vehicle chargers from scratch.

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There are already over 350,000 charging points in Europe, don't fall behind

When designing the electric vehicle charger,
bigD focuses on 16 key factors

1. Power and Charging Speed

Determining the appropriate charging power to meet the charging needs of different types of electric vehicles and providing fast and standard charging options.

2. Connector Compatibility

Providing connectors that are compatible with the charging standards used in the region and by electric vehicle manufacturers.

3. Charging Modes

Offering options for both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging to accommodate different vehicles and charging requirements.

4. Safety

Designing safety systems to prevent overloads, short circuits, and other electrical risks, ensuring safe charging for users and vehicles.

5. User Interface

Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users, with status indicators and options to start and stop charging.

6. Remote Control and Monitoring

Enabling remote control and monitoring of chargers through mobile applications or online platforms.

7. Payment Systems

Integrating secure and convenient payment systems, such as credit cards, mobile applications, or billing systems.

8. Durability and Environmental Protection

Designing chargers that are robust and resistant to weather and environmental conditions, such as humidity and temperature.

9. Integration with the Electric Grid

Ensuring that chargers can integrate properly with the existing electrical infrastructure.

10. Intelligent and Programmable Charging

Offering programmable charging functions to allow users to set charging schedules and take advantage of lower electricity rates.

11. Space and Location

Considering the design and location of chargers to facilitate access and installation in public or private places.

12. Upgradability

Designing chargers with the ability to receive software updates to incorporate new features and improvements.

13. Energy Efficiency

Optimizing the efficiency of the charging process to reduce energy losses and improve sustainability.

14. Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that the chargers comply with local and international safety and quality standards and regulations.

15. Maintenance and Support

Providing maintenance and technical support options to address issues and maintain charger performance.

16. Design Flexibility

Considering the possibility of customization in the design to adapt to different environments and requirements.

These key factors help ensure an efficient, safe, and market-responsive electric vehicle charger design.


We analyze the initial idea or existing product and conduct research to enhance and optimize the design.


We brainstorm, create initial sketches with aesthetics and functionality in mind, and present the renders.


We bring the concept to life, focusing on parts, materials, etc., and manufacture initial prototypes to assess their viability.


We have various advanced manufacturing tools that allow us to create functional prototypes.



Before working with bigD


After working with bigD


Before working with bigD


After working with bigD

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The design process of an electric vehicle charger

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