Cybersecurity, as important as data

- 12 June, 2023
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As industry goes online, digital security goes offline. The more devices in the IoT, the more architectures and technologies come into play, cybersecurity will end up being a state issue or, what is the same, a steering committee.

The data tells us that 90% of organizations barely have cybersecurity experts, 82% do not update the digital records they must protect and 55% have a Cybersecurity Operations Center to detect and counteract cyberattacks, according to the Digital Maturity in Cybersecurity report by Minsait and SIA (2021).

If cybersecurity is a trend, cybercrime accompanies it and continues to increase. If in Spain there were 133,155 incidents between 2019 and 2020, in 2021 far from being reduced, cyber-attacks in Spain have continued to increase, 26% compared to the previous year according to Deloitte.

Cyber-attacks are our enemy to beat, and the sooner we realize this, a new future will open up before us.

We must know that the security of the device is the most important thing because it is the weakest link in the chain and, therefore, the most accessible. And it is that we have and must change our perception of reality. The vast majority of IoT users integrate emerging technologies and it is a big bet, but also, a bet to be vulnerable if we are not aware that we need to protect ourselves.

For example, 5G by design provides security and privacy, which will help us to be protected, although it will not be enough, we will have to put all the means available to avoid attacks from all points of the chain.

According to Microsoft in its “IoT Signals”: survey: Approximately 50% of companies that have adopted IoT are concerned about data privacy, 40% about network security, and less than 40% are concerned about computer security device.

According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan and Ricoh, 90% of companies worldwide have been compromised in the last 10 years. A not insignificant fact.”

Cognitive security promises to revolutionize cybersecurity because it combines neural network technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (AI and Machine Learning article link) and integrates them with conventional security solutions.

Cybersecurity will be everyone’s job, of teams and of transversal effort between companies. “Communicating and understanding each other are operations that go beyond the intellectual.”