- 21 June, 2023
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From self-imposed cybersecurity to facial recognition, although we no longer recognize ourselves in the mirror. Lately, the arrival or application of technologies in areas never imagined far exceed Nostradamus’s predictions.

But let’s not deviate from what is important, biometrics and their perception. There are many ideas about biometrics, but what cannot be denied are its uses and benefits to prevent cyber attacks.

Efficient cybersecurity mechanism

According to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), stolen data increased by 151% in 2021. But this is where biometrics comes into play, as it is the most reliable solution to verify identity unlike traditional tokens. The purpose is to create efficient cybersecurity mechanisms that do not allow digital criminals to carry out identity theft or fraud.

In fact, European companies increased their spending on biometric systems (at the end of 2022 by 20%, to about 3,300 million euros). And although biometrics has to face some challenges, such as privacy, security and the possibility of bias, 59% of companies will already use it by the end of 2023 according to the IDC consultancy.


From Veridas they share this vision of security and tell us that “when we use our biometrics voluntarily, when people want to do so, we are protecting ourselves and we also have a better experience and easier access to procedures or procedures that we could never do”. In addition, they point out that “Facial and voice biometric technologies are already disruptive in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, education or health.”

The advantages offered by biometrics are many. Organizations and individuals alike rely on this type of validation for its security, as the data is much more difficult to falsify or steal compared to common token or password-based methods.

In storage, they do not take up much space and can be stored in any storage system. Although perhaps the cost is somewhat higher, its maintenance is not so high and it is worth investing in this type of security rather than investing in recovering stolen data. That is, it is a system, easy to use and non-transferable.

Obviously, biometrics can also be susceptible to attack by cybercriminals and break security systems, but as an authentication method that continues to innovate, the chances of cybercrime are greatly reduced.

The immense reality of ‘the virtual’ is integrating with the unreality of ‘the natural’

The immense reality of ‘the virtual’ is integrating with the unreality of ‘the natural’, perhaps one day artificial intelligence will have defeated human intelligence and the Internet with its Web 3 or the Metaverse will be the center but meanwhile, it is clear that we must protect the data and any device that is susceptible to being attacked.

“Distrust is the mother of security”. Aristophanes