AGVs: Why should you integrate them in your company?

- 9 June, 2022
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of organizational planning or implementation to achieve a broad list of benefits. We could say that it is the hub of intelligent devices such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It is the digital interconnection network between devices, people and the Internet itself that allows the exchange of data.

Combining the IoT with other well-known technologies such as 5G, automation and machine learning (artificial intelligence), it transforms and shapes the way of working in all sectors. In particular, the rise of e-commerce and the sale of robots is causing this market to be in full growth and transformation.

Currently, one of the great advantages of these robotic solutions (Agvs or AMRs) is that they can be integrated into any company almost immediately, regardless of their transport and logistics needs.  

To face current and future challenges, the integration of robots to the IoT provides the following benefits:

  • Monitoring: IoT sensors allow the capture of parameters that go directly to the state of the robots, being able to configure alerts for battery levels, load transport, temperature, vibration, etc. Problems, if any, can be addressed immediately thanks to real-time data collection.
  • Usage and performance tracking: Companies can monitor the efficiency of AGVs (AMRs, too) by analyzing the data captured. As essential tracking parameters, we highlight: the distance traveled, the time of operation and the cargo transported. Compared to manual labor, these can translate into cost savings or increased production.
  • Remote service and maintenance: can be remotely monitored and assisted only when problems arise (unless maintenance is scheduled); therefore, the maintenance cost is reduced drastically.
  • Software: can be controlled remotely through cloud-based applications. Technical problems can be easily corrected and instructions can be transmitted remotely. Therefore, maintenance becomes easy and profitable.

Project ASTI Mobile Robotics – Plataform AGVs 

We already have the context! Well, we can now begin to think and delve into robots (AGVs) as machines perfectly designed and orchestrated according to the needs of our customers.

BigD’s multi-sector experience allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on our clients’ insights. We are aware that robots (in this case, AGVs) are ubiquitous in the industry, both for specific applications or in new developments addressing specific needs, and companies have realized their potential advantages:

  1. Increases productivity.
  2. Data is collected and analyzed in detail in real time.
  3. Facilitates communication and decision making.
  4. The IoT ecosystem is enriched.
  5. Operate more efficiently.

So, why can we ask ourselves if it is a success or a failure if everything points to it being the best investment we can make?

We have the answer if we reflect on the situation in which we find ourselves or may find ourselves. You have to look around you and see how much information you are able to extract from your AGVs or how much you know about your plant to know if integrating AGVs is the right option. And if you are a manufacturer, find out which design best suits your customers’ needs, whether you have the ability to adapt to the future well in advance or whether you have to find a “partner” to help you modify certain parts of your robots. or even design certain areas in an integral way.

There is a risk that you cannot risk taking, and there is also a risk that you cannot risk not taking.”. Peter Drucker

If the answer is that you know the sector well, both as a user and as a manufacturer, you are able to get the most out of your AGVs robots for the benefit of the organization or you are able to anticipate the future, then you are on the right track.

Referring to Peter Drucker’s quote above, finding the right balance between stepping up or keeping a low profile depending on what stage of development we are, will be key.

With these “tips” we do not expect you to be an expert in AGVs, but we do want to convey to you the importance of knowing the sector and consulting with experts. We know that it is not easy to make a purchase decision or design new robots, but we are sure that we can help you.

What if we also told you that…?

From bigD we have bet to support Asti in the design of new self-guided vehicles. We have created the conceptual design up to the engineering of the plastic pieces as well as looking for the best suppliers.

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