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BigD is responsible for researching, designing, prototyping, and manufacturing medical devices at the forefront of medicine.

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The medical devices industry grows by more than 5% annually.

When designing a quality medical device, bigD focuses on 16 key factors.

1. Functionality and Purpose

The device must fulfill its intended purpose and offer technological features that bring clinical value and improve healthcare.

2. Interoperability

If the device interacts with other systems or devices, it must integrate effectively and securely share data.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

If the device uses AI or algorithms, it must be designed so that the results and decisions generated are clear, explainable, and reliable.

4. User Experience

The design should be intuitive and easy to use for healthcare professionals, patients, and other users.

5. Cybersecurity

Devices must be protected against cyber threats and comply with information security standards to protect patient data.

6. Regulatory Compliance

Devices must comply with local and international regulations and standards, including those related to medical technology and cybersecurity.

7. Testing and Validation

Comprehensive testing and clinical validation are necessary to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the technological device.

8. Privacy and Consent

If the device collects patient data, it must respect privacy and informed consent in accordance with applicable regulations.

9. User Interface Design

The user interface should be clear, easy to navigate, and present information in a understandable and useful manner.

10. Updates and Maintenance

It must be possible to securely and efficiently update and maintain the device's software and technology.

11. Scalability

The design should allow for scalability to accommodate future updates and expansions.

12. Data Analysis

If the device collects data, it must have the capacity for effective analysis to obtain valuable and useful insights.

13. Training and Education

Users must receive necessary training to understand and correctly use the technological features of the device.

14. Warranty and Support

Provide strong warranties and efficient technical support to address issues and inquiries.

15. Clinical Impact

Evaluate how the technological device will impact clinical practice, decision-making, and the quality of care.

16. Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Involve medical professionals, engineers, designers, and other experts in the design and development of the device.

By considering these key factors in the design of medical devices, safe, effective, and reliable products can be created that significantly contribute to healthcare.


We analyze the initial idea or existing product and conduct research to enhance and optimize the design.


We brainstorm, create initial sketches with aesthetics and functionality in mind, and present the renders.


We bring the concept to life, focusing on parts, materials, etc., and manufacture initial prototypes to assess their viability.


We have various advanced manufacturing tools that allow us to create functional prototypes.



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Before working with bigD


After working with bigD

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