Harvard Business Review: Usar el «Design Thinking» para crear compromiso en una idea.

- 9 enero, 2017
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Usar el «Design Thinking» para crear compromiso en una idea.

Os recomendamos este interesante artículo de Harvard Business Review, por Roger L. Martin, sque habla sobre como crear compromiso en una idea con la ayuda de las herramientas que nos ofrece el «Design Thinking».

The logic we use to understand the world as it is can hinder us when we seek to understand the world as it could be. Anyone who comes up with new ideas for a living will recognize the challenges this truism presents. It means that to get organizational support for something new, the designer needs to pay as close attention to how the new idea is created, shared, and brought to life as to the new idea itself.

Design disciplines of deep user understanding and rapid, iterative prototyping have long been used to design better artifacts for customers. However, design won’t make a positive difference if those artifacts never make it to market. That is particularly a challenge with genuinely new ideas, for which no proof currently exists as to their possible success. This challenge necessitates carefully crafted Intervention Design, using design disciplines to guide the design of intervention as well as of the artifact.

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