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After several months of hard working and emotion, we feel very proud to present you bigD, the new brand and image of LarripaStudio Design and Innovation. We believe in the power and positive impact of design in every level, from products to strategy.

The understanding of design not as the ‘aesthetic ‘ driven process historically known, but as an ‘holistic ‘ inclusive driven one and the new acquired competences pushed the transformation of brand and image of LarripaStudio in bigD, Design that matters. BigD is the new commercial brand of LarripaStudio, that strategically operates at the intersection of design, business and technology, acting a innovation catalyst. Empathy, collaboration, business orientation and tech humanization are some of the main the attitudes that drive our way of working and understanding design in Big D.


Change, evolve.

The known as world’s fourth revolution or Fabrication 4.0 has started and it’s our choice as designers,citizens and companies to be inside or outside of it. Even if there are still people that are reluctant to change, fields like robotic, additive fabrication, big data, augmented reality, scanning, sensors, internet of things, circular economies or collaborative ones, among others, are demonstrating that this movement is bringing us new opportunities. Opportunities that also transform the design role and its areas of action.

Where is the design heading to?

In the Industrial revolution, designers were focused on physical projects, centered in the production and aesthetics as a competitive advantage. However, producing goods is not sufficient anymore to guarantee the success in the actual competitive markets. It has resulted in the gradual appearance of product and service systems, in which value is created by combining tangible products/spaces with intangible services and information in a system which benefits users by providing a higher valuable experience and more sustainable approach to business and/or consumption. Examples that 2 years ago sound like science fiction and are nowadays realities in our markets. Such as 3D printing prostheses or even planes as it’s the case of Thor from Airbus. Virtual reality like oculus that will is moving from being a game to be part of fields like education, tourism or transport. Inmersivo cubes is one of these examples that changed absolutely the shopping experience. Wearables such as Bellabeat that measure your life. Eco-friendly running shoes from Adidas made from recycled fish nets. Collaborative economies like Airbnb or Wallapop that have absolutely changed our consumption habits.Among many other examples that are revolutionizing education, health, transport, tourism, etc. This shift has made designers work on organizational structure and social problems in which traditional industrial design skills are not enough, and designers have to work in our across disciplines and understand not only design, but also human beings, business and technology. Design is seen as a whole.

bigD. Design that matters.
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