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Recommendation of the week: THIS IS SERVICE DESIGN THINKING. 

This week we share a new book, this time, about Service Design. Before the launch of the new book, we recommend “This is Service Thinking” coordinated and edited by Marc Stickdorn and Jacob Schneider:

In the last decades (the information age), the services sector has grown exponentially to become the new motor of the society. More and more, the products pass into the background, being the experience around them that really matters to the user. Examples of this are the growth of companies such as Smartbox (gifts of experiences) and the rise of the “sharing economy”, services such as blablacar, couchsurfing …  It is no longer enough to create products in the conventional way. It is necessary to create new business models that have the user in the center, and satisfy their desires and needs. How to do it?

We recommend “This is Service Thinking,” a book written by 10 practitioners of Design Thinking, coordinated and edited by Marc Stickdorn and Jacob Schneider:

The roles of designers have changed as well as the methods they use in their design work. Valtonen (2007) demonstrates this in her study how the role of an industrial designer has diversified. Designers are now working in managing design processes in companies, working as researchers and contributing to consumer research. 

“The design of objects is no longer restricted to form, function, material and production. Design is arguably now focused on the interaction between people and technology, and products serve as platforms for experiences, functionality and service offerings (Buchanan, 2001). “

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