ThermoHuman – Software Interface


Client: ThermoHuman Platform

Date: 2019


Type: Digital Design

ThermoHuman platform uses the application of infrared thermography technology in SPORTS SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND PHYSIOTHERAPY. This platform aims to help sports professionals to detect and treat their injuries on time.

A thermogram allows an initial qualitative analysis; which gives value information about significant asymmetries. At a quantitative level, when an asymmetry is observed, it must be controlled to avoid increasing tension. And precautions must be followed carefully to prevent the athlete from losing training days.

To redesign the ThermoHuman platform, they contacted bigD Design That Matters in order to create and develop the platform that records and monitors this information; optimizing and improving its usability.

The challenge

ThermoHuman Challenge. The project has an important technological component to enable diagnostic and monitoring by thermograms. It was necesary  to redefine the new communication channel with the final consumer, reflecting the functions:

· Initial evaluation

· Injury monitoring and prevention

Design Research and Sketching

 The project began with an extensive phase of research and analysis. An analysis of the competition in the sector was carried out. In addition, all similar solutions in the market were studied. With the objective of studying the potential user and their environment, more than 50 interviews were carried out together with other ethnographic techniques that made it possible to understand the different needs and latent desires of the users. The extensive information collected concluded with the segmentation of the different types of actors, usage scenarios and possible future functionalities.


The study of the different applications related to sport and diagnosis and the analysis of user needs, made possible the specification of the functionalities and the subsequent definition of the architecture map. Through the sketching of the screens, different conceptual solutions allowed us to validate and explore different aesthetics and interaction.

The Result

Once the architecture map was defined, the concept for the main screens was developed. These screens were tested with users through a functional prototype that simulated the first version. The insights collected during user test and in the exploration were key points for the final version of the platform.

The Website

In parallel to the development of the platform, its website was redesigned. Following a consistent image of the brand and its different supports.