DATE: 2021

TYPE: Industrial Design

TC MATIC is a leading company in maintenance kits for automatic gearboxes, where they include everything related to these operations: oil, seals, filters, kits, oil change machines – to which they have incorporated specific instructions developed by their technical department.

From bigD we provided 3D modelling and rendering capabilities to digitise their kits.
The client had already tried to photograph their 100+ kit combinations, but was never satisfied with the quality of the final image.
As a result of intensive and detailed work, excellent digital images of all the model kits were obtained.

Starting point

The kits comprising filters, seals, plugs, screws, oil etc. were photographed individually and the components were repositioned for each version by hand. This process was very time consuming and the results were often unsatisfactory for all models of kits.


From bigD we proceeded to work on 3D modelling to digitise the TC Matic kits. Thanks to the ease of moving, duplicating and changing components, as well as the control of light and materials in digital rendering, we were able to obtain digital images of all the kits in record time and with great quality.


The quality of the images produced by bigD allows TC Matic to illustrate its range of kits with realistic materials and in an attractive way, which ultimately conveys to its customers the quality of the product and service offered by this company.