Sistemas OEE – Software Interface


Client: Sistemas OEE

Year: 2018

Category: Diseño Digital

Sistemas OEE has developed the Smart OEE technology that uses a universal language, measuring industrial productivity, whether it is a machine, a series of machines or a complete installation through three parameters: machine availability, this it is time that is productive; performance – refers to actual production – and quality, the number of pieces that meet the required quality parameters.

From bigD we support them in redesigning the interface of their solution so that it is capable of transmitting the power of the technology behind it; and not only that, but the user experience in the interaction was optimal. Navigation architecture, visual styles etc. have been redesigned. In addition, thanks to the design process, the client was reflecting on his own solution and therefore, the project had an impact at a strategic level.

Starting point

The previous OEE Systems interface presented a sober design that only covered functional needs and did not take into account the needs of the user.

Production Interface

The Production Interface is oriented to the “technician” user and although it allows certain data entry tasks, its objective is to transmit in a quick and visual way the state of the machine, the stops and its productivity.

The design must be simple, visual and with large buttons that allow a user to quickly and with gloves press the correct option.

Desktop Interface

The Desktop Interface is oriented to a plant management user profile, intended to be manipulated not so much on mobile or tablet devices, but on a desktop computer.

This environment has been designed to be modular and easily customizable. It should also allow a large amount of information to be seen clearly.

The design project ranged from conceptualization to front-end development of the interface.