Noiselab – Sound probe


Client: Noiselab


Type:Product Design

The acoustic engineering field was the niche identified by Noiselab to start developing new technologies through software and hardware for acoustic engineers. Before Noiselab, existing specialized products and solutions were very expensive and non-integrated between them. They developed a cloud system that enables engineers to use one single online tool, saving money and concerns.

Apart from their innovative software Noiselab they used to use an acoustic probe to make the measurements that were later processed. The instrument they were using was totally incoherent with the brand essence, not intuitive to use, not aesthetically pleasant and too heavy because of the used materials. Noiselab approached bigD looking for a solution that could reflect the brand DNA through their hardware.

Existing solutions were costly and time consuming.

The Problem

To carry out an acoustic insulation study engineers had to upload measurements, export the data to a spreadsheet, use specific simulation software, export the data again so on and so forth. This was too much time consuming resulting in imprecise measurements and over dimensioned solutions carrying costly solutions.

The Project

Noiselab asked bigD to design their acoustic probe (product and packaging) in a way that reflect their innovative and fresh looking software with the minimum possible investment in order to test their offer. At first, we identified the formal language that was more coherent with the brand values and then translate it into concept proposals. The metal cylinder of the image is the original probe employed by Noiselab.

The Process

The project timeline was very tight so we followed an iterative in house fast prototyping process where every engineering and design details were rapidly tested and validated. The product dimensions were optimized, the ergonomics improved and the weight reduced over a 75%.

The Solution

When compared to other methods, the Solid Noise method can save you up to 95% of your time spent on data acquisition. The Solid Noise probe lets you measure vibrations on any surface without having to use any complex mounting systems as beeswax that leave unseemly marks on the wall. The Solid Noise probe is compatible with your regular type 1 vibration acquisition equipment as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • FFT measurements capacity with a 1Hz resolution
  • Meets the IEC standards for type 1 equipment
  • Compatible with TNC connection enabling accelerometers

Noiselab Chameleon

We also helped Noiselab to explore future scenarios and innovative product concepts. Noiselab Chameleon is a device with two input connections, one for the acoustic probe and the other for a microphone. It can also emit through Bluetooth and Wifi to directly upload and process data in real time.