Luma – Motorbike Cover




Type:Product Design

Cities are becoming increasingly overpopulated, carrying to excessive circulation and limited space for car parking, which becomes a bigger problem when dealing with long distance journeys. Moreover, it causes air pollution and increases the number of traffic jams. That’s the reason why many cities, such as Barcelona, are driving initiatives with the aim of turning motorcycles into the principal way of transport in the cities. Getting around using motocycles is much easier in places where the weather is sunny, but what happens if it rains?

And what if the cities don’t have a pleasant climate and do have cold temperatures and rain? There are actually some covers that solve this problem, however, they are products with low added value according to their aesthetics, emotional connection with the user and don’t reflect the brand’s values. Luma, conscious about the added differential value of design, contacted with BIGD so as to develop a cover that identifies with the brand, has a meaning for the user and shows an innovative aesthetic.

The Project

The aim of the project was to accomplish that Luma, thought a cover, that originally had a limited functional value, achieve to reflect its brand personality and differ from the competence. The product needed to be waterproof and accomplish all the functional requirements that guarantee its quality, durability and security.

Design Research

We made an exhaustive market investigation about actual trends in esthetic, clothing and related products. We also analyzed different materials, processes and CMF (Colours, Materials, Finishes) focusing on the chromatic, texture and details that add value and change the perception users have toward the product.


The first step to ideate was translating ideas into sketches and concepts of the proposed solutions. Later, we used 2D and 3D representations to verify every detail and architecture of the product. Finally, we worked with real scale prototypes, analyzing thoroughly every visual and ergonomic detail.


The different concepts that we developed, hugged the motorcycle and follow its aerodynamic lines. Furthermore, they provide personality to the cover and highlight the areas of use making the product comprehension more easy. We used different materials and patterns that allowed us to play with the lightning and reflects of the highways, because of both security and esthetic matters.

Be the City, a cover that plays with the streets, buildings and shapes of the city, for those
who love to get lost. ->

The inspiration

The chosen concept is born from the strong contrast between the black pavement and the white, yellow, continuous or discontinuous lines that make sense to the tarmac transforming it into a highway. We took advantage of the functional sewings of the cover for recalling this message and for the user to understand them easily. In short, we made the product speaks the same language the highways does, regarding to shapes, colours and feelings. With this goal to make the user connect with the cover, the project followed a slogan: Be the road.

Be the road

The result is a differential product, a unique design focused on the details. The cover adjusts perfectly to the motorcycle being available in different models. It’s %100 waterproof thanks to the Heatsealed vacuumpacked of its sewings. What is more, its lateral stripes and yellow details, give the cover great visibility in the highway. It also contains a lateral anti flapping system that uses clips and can be activated in a quick way and without the use of additional pieces. The tap to access the keys is also thoughtfully designed and uses magnetic closing. All this characteristics share a same goal: never leave the highways, even if it is windy, sunny or raining.


Part of our work was dedicated to develop the history of the concept and the product itself, in a storytelling exercise that is transmitted through the web and the cover itself so that the user conversates with the brands, its values and perceive the added value of design.