Lem – Helmet styling


Client: Lem

Date: 2017

Link: www.lem-italy.com

Type: Industrial Design

Lem, founded in 1972 by the italian Romano Magnani, is a pioneering company in helmet development that has remained faithful to its characteristic style through all its history and still does today. Lem contacted with bigD Design That Matters with the goal to develop a new esthetical line for its characteristic Roger Helmet, distinguished by its retro style and rounded shapes.

Fashion is always changing but the style of each person remains. The clothes we choose talks about ourselves or how we want the rest to see us. Style is not only reflected in our wardrobe, but also in every accessory we dress, whether if they are sunglasses or a helmet we bring with us once the motorcycle is parked.

The challenge

Beyond being a security object, the fact that the motorcycle helmet reflects the personality of its owner, made this challenge specially focused on aesthetics. Lem had previous experience in developing helmets successfully but the challenge meant a review of these designs so as to adapt them to the contemporary consumer, with changing tastes and who is increasingly interested in fashion. Therefore, the challenge was focused on creating new esthetic lines that without loosing the essence of the brand personality, adapt better to the actual consumer. So as to reach that goal, design was centred in details and materials and manufacturing were also a very important factor when designing.

Design Research

Because of the object link with fashion, the first step was to analyze fashion trends at a micro and macro level. Therefore we collaborated with fashion and sociology experts. Among the identified different current trends, we found three that were specially interesting: Ungendered trend (unisex collections), the use of patterns with natural motives and customization.

Moreover, so as to submerge in the motorcycle and helmet world, an exhaustive analyze to its marked was realized, in which finishes, materials and details were studied through shopping points and specialised shops visits.

Trend Analysis

The user to whom Roger is directed to is a millenial, a collective composed by young digital natives between 18 to 34 years old, which generation is very diverse. Accordingly and after the previous analyzes, millenial users were divided into 3 collectives because of the different trends each one followed. We named “Exclusive” to the ones that focused on the quality and details of what they buy, “Urban” to those millenials who look for comfort and followed the street culture and “Trendy”  to the most braves that follow the latest trends.


The ideation process was marked by a wide visual inspiration. For each of the 3 defined users, helmet concepts were ideated so that they reflect the personality of the user and its way of life. Prototyping was also specially important meanwhile all the process because it allowed us to validate and refine every detail. For this reason, a deep research about different clothes, colors, as well as leather unions and material performances was done. According to the patterns, we worked on real scale so as to define the perfect size of the elements and their distribution.

The result

Finally Lem chose three models that were brought to market, one for each user. For “Exclusive” users the chosen helmet was CASABLANCA, characterized by its quality clothes and elegant details, inspired in the italian fashion. The helmet that better matched “Urban” users was PARÍS, chosen because it expresses the dynamism, braveness and vitality that define their user. A helmet inspired in the surf and skate fashion, for those who prioritize comfort and personality when dressing up. The last one, for the most “Trendy” ones is BERLIN model, which was defined by a cactus pattern which motif is adaptable to the changing trends that characterize this kind of fashion. Designed for the one who dress up with what others don’t dare to wear and highlight because of its originality and uniqueness.