Ingeteam – EV Ultra Fast Charger



Fecha: 2021

Tipo: Industrial Design

INGETEAM has developed the range of INGEREV® chargers for electric vehicles and contact bigD for the design of its new ultra-fast chargers (80% load capacity in less than 15 minutes), from the conceptualization, design and development of its product.

“Among the options that we handled in Ingeteam we chose bigD mainly because of the clarity exposed in their work process, their enthusiasm in addressing the project and the attention to detail they showed with their own brand,” says Javier Arizcuren, R&D engineer D in Ingeteam.

The Challenge

Ingeteam, a pioneer and leader in the power electronics sector,asked bigD to design its new ultra-fast charging station for electric vehicles. Its forerunner, the Rapid 50 was launched at the end of 2017 as a great features equipment. The challenge for bigD was to provide this new product with a casing according to the avant-garde technology that it contained without losing the essence of its current chargers. The objective is to make this new RAPID ST400 the key to position Ingeteam as a leader in the fast-charge market.

Product Analysis

The first step was to carry out a research about similar equipment, from this or another field, whose architecture and / or design was interesting in order to incorporate it into this new concept. Through this analysis, references were acquired and the bases were established that allowed for a deeper understanding of the product.

Working in collaboration with the Ingeteam R&D team, the framework of requirements and necessary characteristics that would contain the product was defined, such as its manufacturing processes, dimensional requirements, desired materials and cost adjustment, leaving some freedom for Idea generation of this new product.


The biggest challenge when designing the product were the minimum dimensions that allowed the electronics inside to be contained. For this, a full-scale prototype was used to support the conceptualization of the different options. In this way the first step of this design process was executed with the real volume perception of the final product.

After taking this into account, three possible conceptual lines were distinguished that met all the requirements and were exposed to the Ingeteam team. During this presentation and in response to customer feedback, a common dialogue was generated



Picking up the different inputs, one of the exposed designs was selected.

During this phase, new requirements were developed that resulted in a design that favored optimal and efficient maintenance, allowing access to the equipment from all sides.

Another of the new requirements to be included was the redistribution of elements, such as the position of the outlet of the hoses, the position of the emergency button or the addition of one or two screens of different sizes. The result was a simple concept that encompasses all its customer requirements without losing its essence.


Bringing together the design of bigD and Ingeteam’s experience in manufacturing equipment of these characteristics, the development of the first chargers was carried out.

These first units were presented at the EVS32 fair in Lyon. “We are very satisfied with our attendance at the EVS32 fair since we believe we have achieved our main purpose, which was to“ impress ”the customers who visited our stand with the design and concept of our new ultra-fast chargers. This new design developed by the collaborating company bigD provides an image of modernity and advanced engineering over time in order to meet current and future market requirements, ”says Rosendo Ferrer-Dalmau Cusiné, Sales Manager Electric Mobility of Ingeteam“

First Units

The Ultra-Fast Charger designed is the most powerful electric vehicle recharging system in Europe, to date. Ingeteam has already made the first installations of these terminals. We found one at the Ugaldebieta service station, in the town of Abanto-Zierbena.

This ultra-fast charger model is capable of performing an ultra-fast charge (400 kW) that allows you to recharge the vehicle battery in 5-10 minutes, a time very similar to that used in a conventional refueling.

The installed equipment shown in the image belongs to the first version that has been developed for one of Ingeteam’s end customers. More versions will be developed in the coming months according to the final specifications of each of its clients