Client: Focke Meler

Date: 2022 

Kind: Industrial Design

News: Diario de Navarra
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Raptor Handy is the new Wireless manual applicator from Raptor by Meler. A two-version-available applicator that presents different models of hose input: upper and lower. Raptor Handy ensures an easy handling which, together with its light weight, has an innovative design that guarantees precision and uniformity in all types of applications. An ergonomic solution for adhesive processes designed by and for the user, providing safety, high performance and the versatility that the 360º rotation of the new Raptor Handy offers.

bigD was in charge of the industrial design of theproduct, merging all the technical requirements with the correct ergonomics for a comfortable and versatile application.

The manual adhesive applicator, designed by and for the user, has been national award “Delta Selection” and with international award “Red Dot Award”.


An old fashioned market

Very few formal or functional innovations were introduced in the applicators market in the last 30 years. While hoses and melting machines have evolved tremendously in terms of technologies, most applicators have remained unchanged.

In the picture, the previous model designed 20 years back.

The future of hot melt applicators

Its cylindrical design emerges as a natural extension of the pumping hose, turning it into the perfect tool for applying hot-melt adhesive.

Mechanisms, ergonomics, graphics and function were constantly checked thanks to additive manufactured prototypes. With the aid of user testing, we achieved the results we were looking for.