Blackbinder – Kit para Músico


Client: BlackBinder

Date: 2014


Type: Product Design

Blackbinder was able to identify a latent need in the music field and turn it into a design opportunity, leading them to develop an innovative product and service. They solved the existing problems between professional and amateur musicians with the use of scores. Transporting them is uncomfortable, they are easily damaged and lost.

Furthermore, while playing during concerts, musicians usually require an assistant that flips the score pages as the piece goes forward. Blackbinder developed a digital service through an app that manages intelligent scores for individual and collective use. With a “Product Service System” approach they contacted bigD in order to design the physical product that will complete their offer.

The Challenge

We live in a society characterized by the inclusion of intelligence and technology in most part of everyday products. The purpose of technology should be to improve life quality and human interactions with objects. Blackbinder found out that existing paper music scores were totally outdated, they figured out how technology could create a system that will improve musicians performance and comfort while playing. They asked themselves “How is it possible that technology hasn’t changed how musicians operate with paper scores?”

The Solution

Blackbinder creates an app which improves the experience of the musicians in the work process they usually do with the scores; from acquisition to final interpretation through its filling, sorting, studio and rehearsal. The app is a service that contains a huge digital scores library with innovative possibilities for annotations, group synchronization, cloud storage and much more.

This service is completed with a physical product called BBSet, which is easily transportable and has double function. On one side, allowing place a tablet on any support and on the other hand,  integrating a wireless pedal that allows musicians to control the digital score  (scrolling tempo, play, pause…) simply by tapping on it, enabling them to keep both hands on the instrument.

The Process

During the project we worked on a process of continuous optimization where ideas took shape through sketching and CAD modelling. Every decision was validated by detailed technical drawings and basic 3D models, finally the performance was tested with functional 3D prototypes. There were needed more than a hundred of them to examine the different alternatives, select the best of them and ensure the perfect functioning of the product.

It was necessary a seamless collaboration with the electronics departament in order to ensure that the wireless pedal was intuitive and easy to use as well as giving the proper feedback to the user. BlackBinder wireless pedal is also technologically innovative, with no mechanical system its electronics detect the lightest foot pressure so that no footsteps are heard during concerts or performances. The “lectern” holding the tablet guarantees a safe fit for every model thanks to a mechanism activated by silent silicon springs. It can be used on flat polished surfaces without slipping, fits in american and european mic stands and lecterns.

The Outcome

The project outcome was an innovative business offer that through a service and product transforms how musicians experience their daily workflow with scores; from acquisition to final interpretation, studio and rehearsal.