Asti – Towing AGV



Date: 2019 

Type: Industrial Design

ASTI Mobile Robotics is an international engineering company dedicated to the supply of tailor-made integral solutions for the optimization of automated internal logistics.

Asti received the SMEs Award 2018

The new ASTI Easybot 2.0

Easybot 2.0 range is a towing AGVs used for pulling trolleys one by one or in logistic trains. It is a tractor models with different load capacities and functionalities to provide flexible solutions for logistic and manufacturing flows.

The new ASTI Easybot standard

Easybot standard range are mainly used to convey loads by pulling carts. They perform logistic transportation in an industrial environment in a fully automatic and safe way. It is a versatile product, operating in intensive use from the management of the simplest processes, to the most complex applications.