Asti – Platform AGV´s



Date: 2020

Type: Industrial Design

ASTI Mobile Robotics is an international engineering company dedicated to the supply of tailor-made integral solutions for the optimization of automated internal logistics.

Asti received the SMEs Award 2018

The new ASTI Ebot

Ebot  is an omnidirectional platform AGV to carry loads on top. With its low height and lifting table, they can go under most load carriers and transport them to their destination. They can be also equipped with a roller system to pick up or deliver on traditional conveyors. Ebot multiplies the efficiency (maximum agility, flexibility and safety).

The new ASTI Quadbot

Quadbot is a platform AGV, it is adaptable to any industrial sector, it combines omnidirectional movement capabilities with very low height, which provides multipurpose application possibilities in all internal environments. This model is easily configurable based on customer needs. It can integrate different handling systems, such as a conveyor or a lift table.

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