AED Training Box


Client: ABC que salva vidas

Date: 2020


Type: Service and Product Design

ABCquesalvavidas is a non-profit association located in Navarra. Its team is made up of people from the health sector and their objective is educate society through training activities, so that everyone knows how to act in an emergency. Techniques as how to act againts sudden death; Basic vital support; cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and semi-automatic defibrillation. Having this knowledge can make the difference between living or dying, and it is the main purpose of AED training box.

In Europe there are more than 350,000 Cardiac Arrests per year. That is teh reason why we increasingly find more defibrillators on the streets. But having one of these devices is of little use if you do not know how to use it. A quick response is essential. The time between the event and the defibrillation determines survival. The objective was to educate the population and teach how these devices should be used.

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AED Training Box kit

The “AED Training Box” project involves a complete experience to train the population in basic life support techniques and the use of defibrillators. Learn how to use a defibrillator can make the difference between life and death. Unfortunatelly, there were no affordable or accessible tools in the market, so we thought about how to do more with less. Finally we created two training tools to help the educators: an APP and a recyclable and economical cardboard defibrillator. All this linked to a training course for users over 12 years old in public spaces or by their own.

Do it yourself in 5´

AED training box is a kit that joins education and social and environmental awareness. It is the best option for you to learn and have fun. Following the philosophy of ‘Do It You Self’, you can create your own defibrillator from cardboard pieces (it is light, recyclable, inexpensive and easy to send in an ordinary envelope). A very easy assembly, where you do not need scissors or glue, in less than 5 minutes you can start your training and learn how to save a life¡

Start your training

In addition to the defibrillator, we have the patches, and instructions to download the application with the simulation cases. But as we have said “knowledge is important” so we can also find brochures where in a very visual way they teach us the theory of life support techniques.

Once you have assimilated the techniques, you will get a certificate.

Learn how to use a desfibrillator

Combine the defibrillator with the AED app, able for any mobile phone. It allows you to have a much more realistic simulation experience. The app guides you step by step and if we have doubts it counts with tutorials and videos.

In addition, you can use it by your own at home or it can be use in courses where a professional establishes different cases. Through your actions the app will evaluate if you have correctly assimilated the theory.

Using it in a real case

Knowing how to use a defibrillator is as important as knowing “when” to use it. For this reason, in the courses organized by ABC, instructors can program different cases to practice, where students, using Roll-play techniques, demonstrate their knowledge step by step. On the website we can find  5 categories:

  • Conscious victim
  • Victim unconscious, but with normal breathing
  • Cardiorespiratory arrest
  • The person is suffering cardiorespiratory arrest and we have a defibrillator.

Thanks to the AEDTrainingbox, more people have the opportunity to learn how to save a Life.