This is how we create and convert ideas into realities

Our methodology

Our methodology help us to identify a solution that provides users with better experiences, and organizations with improved and innovative services.

Phase nº



A fresh and open-minded approach to each project is a promising start for identifying great opportunities. Insight, observation and empathy will drive our research in listening what people don't say and watching what they don't do.

Phase nº



The correct clustering of those gathered insights will be decisive in identifying behavioural patterns, explicit and latent needs that will define the Design Challenge. We use visual thinking as valuable tool to synthesize collected information.

Phase nº


The Challenge

A clear definition for the Design Challenge is a solid step in the process, having a huge impact in the upcoming phases. This point should become the common vision of both the company and the Design team representing the core of the final product or service.

Phase nº



This phase is again a divergent stage where we try to create, through different design techniques, new innovative ideas and choices for the defined design challenge. Best ideas usually emerge in co-creative sessions involving different stakeholders of the project.

Phase nº



Prototyping allow us making an idea tangible, going from the abstract to the physical in order to represent reality and validate the products or services in as short a time as posible at the lowest cost.

Phase nº



Our technical knowledge allows us to accompany the client from the idea to the realization of the physical and digital products. We offer professional support and suppliers in the latest technologies.