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It’s designer’s job to be always tuned and keep studying, keep learning. One of the best ways to do it is by reading books. We love to share some our favourite books so here it is our recommendation of the week.

In a world in which disruptive innovation, new technologies and big changes are the order of the day, sometimes we forget that the real design purpose is fundamentally to make the world a better place. Now it is crucial to remember that design is founded in empathy, humility, compassion and conscience, in order to build a human-shaped world. That´s why this week we recommend this book “Design:The invention of desire”,  a thoughtful and necessary text by the designer and theorist Jessica Helfand. A  compelling defense for the relevance of design and how it shapes our behavior, our emotions, and our lives:

“ In the end, design matters because it is an intrinsically humanist discipline, tethered to the very core of why we exist. It frames our conception of power; informs our belief about personal dignity; piques our curiosity about fiction and fantasy; highlights our yearning for beauty and romance; and engages our eternal appetite for narrative. Design matters because it gives form to our past and dimension to our future, but this is not because we sit on nice chairs, or wear pretty shoes, or pride ourselves on our good taste in belts or cars or video games. Design—which traffics in but is not beholden to consumer culture—does not matter because it is hip or hot or cool or cheap or new or rare or bold or sexy, even though these are all qualities that may claim to entice us at any given moment, for reasons that have everything to do with who we are, not what we own. Design—which is grounded in mathematical certainties, relying upon composition and orchestration, on gesture and nuance—does not matter because it is pleasing to the eye, even though we applaud its beauty and its purpose and its presence in our lives. Design matters because of the why, not the what; the sentiment, not the acquisition. Design matters because people matter, and the purpose of this book is to examine precisely this proposition: to consider the conscience-driven rules of human engagement within which design must operate. This is a book about design as it relates to human beings. Because that is what matters most of all.”

Is Christmas approaching and you don’t know yet what to give? Remember Mark Twain words: “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”


Design The Invention of Desire from jessica helfand on Vimeo.

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