Fecha: 2019 

Tipo: Industrial Design

Ingeteam is an international Group specialized in power electronics and control, and electrical engineering and automation projects. The company operates throughout the world, with a permanent presence in 22 countries, employing 3,900 people.

INGETEAM has developed the range of INGEREV® chargers for electric vehicles and contacted with bigD for the design of its new ultra-fast chargers (up to 80% in less than 15 minutes), from the conceptualization phases to the development.

The new Rapid ST

Under the “all inside” concept, the new range of Ingerev Rapid ST chargers incorporates the necessary components within the product itself, unlike competitors who install external electrical cabinets and then distribute satellite charging points. Therefore, it allows a much simpler installation for the electric stations; Likewise, thanks to its modular approach it allows to go from 200Kw to 400kW just by adding a new power module.

* The product was presented at the EVS32 fair in Lyon in May 2019.

** The development of the product continues and the image on the left is a conceptual approach.

*** Soon we will complete this section of the page.