Date: 2018 – Current

Type: Industrial Design

ASTI Mobile Robotics is an international engineering company dedicated to the supply of tailor-made integral solutions for the optimization of automated internal logistics.

Asti received the SMEs Award 2018

The Challenge

From Asti bigD is requested to support in two main directions.

The first, in the conceptualization of new vehicles that are not yet in the market and the second, in the redesign of existing vehicles. By understanding the architecture and mechanics of them, our team tries to provide Asti’s vehicles with a differentiating industrial design.


At the beginning of the process it is necessary to study in depth the architecture of the product, its constructive aspects, materials and processes in manufacturing or assembly. Likewise, we try to understand the context of use, the needs of the client or user, regulations or market restrictions. Only when we conclude this process are we ready to address the (re) design stage.


We face with projects with very different product scales, so we always try to work as close to the final dimension of the object. For this reason, we try to validate as soon as possible the sketches with 1: 1 scale drawings or very basic prototypes that confirm the decisions previously sketched on paper.

Concept Development

From bigD we almost always propose different lines of design in the process to encourage discussion with the client and end up finding the best solution for all parties.

In this stage, the ideas that we had previously are selected, they become three-dimensional concepts integrating the mechanical / electronic components and materials / finishes are applied to generate photorealistic images.

On the right a conceptual proposal for one of Asti’s vehicle ranges.


In the final phases of the project we help Asti in the development of commercial presentations through the rendering of images and animations.

Similarly, in terms of industrial design we help them in making decisions during the development of the vehicle to ensure maximum quality and aesthetic coherence, helping in the distribution of internal components, design of plastic parts, prototyping and manufacturing.


“A launch of mobile robotics engineering with multiple applications in the different industrial sectors in warehouse management and order-picking. Maximum agility, flexibility and security in this new solution, which multiplies the efficiency of its customers, by increasing the management and classification of goods, while facilitating the work of human personnel. “


“The Easybot Standard is a versatile product, operating in intensive use from the management of the simplest processes, to the most complex applications. Our solutions are equipped with the most demanding safety systems and exceed the quality standards required by the International Standard, because “safety comes first”.